Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Heroic Struggle of the Little Guys

"Mural, auditorium, right rear, the heroic struggle of the little guys to finish the mural..." Mudhead, Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers, The Firesign Theatre

Right now I'm in the middle of: 1) the multi-line, adjustable strip former project, 2) Shop and Home Supply, the eBay Store (finding products - , refining the interface, getting store traffic), 3) Upgrading our website and getting it to show up in th' dang search engines, 4) and trying to get some kind of respectable handle on marketing in general and internet marketing in particular.

Marketing can be a very frustrating thing. For one thing, we definitely want people to know that we have a fierce dedication to creating quality products for them and that we are a "reality based company" - i.e. we employ state of the art technology and procedures and work to our clients schedules and needs. Still, in many ways we're not a typical company. Though we have advanced capabilities and in-depth understanding of our industry, we're still a small enterprise with a family feel. And our attention to and support for each other extends to our customers. We know how to listen to them, to understand the context for what we're creating for them so we can focus on their most important parameters and maybe help them revise their designs for efficiency and savings. We have a lot to get across, and we don't have the resources of a megacorporation.

So, it's likely to take a while to get this all to jell. We need to get all this information technology that I, at least, don't understand yet, to support the mission of our production technology and expertise, and to help introduce us beyond the circle of our loyal customers and the referrals they give us spontaneously.

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