Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogging for fun and profit!

don't hover over me!

I decided to write this blog because as part of my bailiwick at Phoenix Precision Plastics it's my responsibility to begin to get our web page stats outta the bottom of the basement on the search engines. It was my bright idea to do a lot of the site in Flash because I'm a (wannabe) designer, and with Flash I can get a wicked cool look with a minimum of pain.

If we can't get found on the search engines, then the web site is only useful to people we send the URL to, generally people that already know about us, our dedication to customer service, engineering expertise, on-time delivery, and precision quality parts every time. Hopefully by presenting information of value to you on this blog, and linking back to our website we can start to make those search engine robot spiders happy!

Other than learning about what really works in marketing a small offline manufacturing company on the internet, my current project at Phoenix is helping John Donnelly, our President and Scott Dion, Production Manager, to build a large PGP (pretty good precision), multi-heat line strip former for parts we want to make two bends (this time around) on at the same time. To do this, John found some modular aluminum extrusions on the Web (FAZTEK) for building a strong, clean looking and adjustable frame, and we've been scratching our heads to figure out how to make this machine as simple and versatile as possible, and learning some counter-intuitive stuff about how to achieve precise and repeatable results along the way. Getting our clients what they need as efficiently as possible calls for many kinds of creativity.

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