Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What We Can Do

Ok, I know I'm not posting enough to this blog. It's not that I don't want to post more, it simply doesn't seem to make it onto the priority list as I take care of what's needed and pursue the holy grail of effective web presence. Which is what this blog supposedly exists for.

The website needs a few things... one of which is our capabilities page, missing in action since at least January or so. It's supposed to be something a little out of the ordinary, with a creative edge, with a spirit of fun or at least a close facsimile...

I don't just want to say that we have some Daewoo (or is that Doosan?) high-precision CNC machining centers (a 5025, a 4020 and two moving column DVC 320/40's), high-precision 5 foot by 12 foot Anderson Stratos Pro CNC Router, Daewoo Puma 240 M CNC lathe with active tooling, all of their spec's - travel, accuracy, etc., although I guess that stuff's important. What we really want to get across is the true value we provide for our clients, and most of that is pretty intangible.

John and Scott don't just look at your drawings to pedantically duplicate the features and dimensions indicated. They find out what the part is meant for, look for things that may be changed to make it easier to produce while maintaining or even improving the functionality, make suggestions about materials, and carefully consider how we can produce it most economically. They know the histories of our clients orders and may find we have parts in inventory that can be upgraded to a new rev level. Frequently they consult with engineers in product development to help streamline the design and development process.

In order to do this effectively, they have to understand all of the technology involved, the behaviors of the polymers needed, how the part may be installed into the assemblies, alternate ways of machining and fabricating the part. And they have to take the time and make the connections with the clients to find out what they really need.

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